Corporate Governance Policy

Turnkey Communications Services Public Company Limited (‘Company’) understands the importance of good corporate governance. Good corporate governance improves organizational efficiency and is vital to sustainable growth, which benefits all stakeholders, which encompasses staff, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Therefore, the board of directors considers it appropriate to formalize the corporate governance policy and ensure that it addresses important issues ranging from the structure, role, responsibilities, and accountability of the directors. The policy also includes guidelines for executives on aspects such as transparency, clarity, and verifiability. This ensures that the Company is managed fairly in a way that maximizes the benefits of shareholders and other stakeholders.

In order for the Company to gain the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders and create value sustainably in accordance with the goals of the business, shareholders, capital markets, and overall society, the Company has prepared this corporate governance policy using the Listed Company Corporate Governance Framework BE 2560 (AD 2017), which was prepared as a guideline by the Securities Exchange Commission.

Corporate Governance Principle and Policy
The Board of Directors emphasizes compliance to the ideals of good corporate governance, covering 8 principles as follows:

  • Principle 1 The Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Principle 2 Mission and Primary Objectives of the Company
  • Principle 3 Fostering an Effective Board of Directors
  • Principle 4 Recruiting and Developing Senior Management and HR Management
  • Principle 5 Supporting Innovation and Responsible Business
  • Principle 6 Risk Management and Appropriate Internal Controls
  • Principle 7 Maintaining Financial Credibility and Transparency
  • Principle 8 Encouraging Investor Relations and Participation

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Corporate Governance Policy