With our knowledgable and highly experienced personnel, TKC provides consulting services to customers as well as designs and installations of telecommunication for base stations of mobile communication networks throughout the country.

The Company also provides the Drive/Walk Test and Mobile Network Tuning and Optimization Service to be in accordance with international standards.

Furthermore, the Company can provide the Mobile Network Quality of Service Monitoring and Benchmarking between each service provider to network operators themselves or other related organizations such as government agencies, etc.

Our services

Network Designs

With the experienced engineering teams professional in both 2G, 3G, and 4G systems, TKC is able to provide mobile network design services for the roll out, expansion, and swap network. The Company can also provide the Site Acquisition and Tower Civil Work in the comprehensive format.

Telecommunication Installations

TKC has installation teams in all geographic areas of Thailand , which allows us to support installations of base stations throughout the country. We have extensive working experiences with multiple vendors, such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia. Therefore, the teams are able to customize installations to the various needs of different customers.

Communication System Installations in Large Buildings

Commercial buildings, offices, or large hotels must be installed the In-building Solution for effective and comprehensive communication. TKC has the specific group of engineers and installation teams with expertise in designing a mobile phone signal transmission system used in buildings together with the finished installations for customers. The technology that TKC has installed for customers are DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for both MIMO and SISO, Huawei Lampsite, Ericsson Dot, ZTE QCELL, so the Company can also then install WIFI.

Drive/Walk Test and Mobile Network Tuning and Optimization Service

With over 10 years of experiences in providing mobile network testing service, TKC has the teams that can test and monitor the signal in every region of the country together with quality improvement services for the better performance of mobile network at the international standards. In addition, the Company is also able to provide a service of Mobile Network Quality and Service Monitoring and Benchmarking to network operators themselves or other related organizations such as government agencies, etc.

Allocation of Professional Engineers to Provide Care and Operations in the Mobile Phone Network

To provide engineers and specialists for Operations Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS), Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC), and RF engineers for certain periods required by customers.

Network Maintenance

To provide care, inspections, and maintenance of equipment and working areas at the base stations for the most network efficiency as designed.

Distribution of Telecommunication Equipment

Such as RF passive equipment, camouflage antennas, distributors specialized software and hardware by using communication solution of Trunked Radio broadband technology which can efficiently transmit voice, data, and video at a high speed.

Design and Installation of Transmission Towers

To the mobile phone system service providers including both private and state enterprises.

Transmission Networks : FTTx , DWDM , MSAN

To provide exploration, designs, installations, setup, and maintenance for high-speed fiber-optic communication networks with modern and efficient technology controlled by engineers specialized in FTTx, DWDM and MSAN systems.

Company’s Performance

To meet the various needs with superior services.

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