The System Integrator business or "SI" or designer for network and communication systems to be able to efficiently work together according to customers’ requirements.

The system consists of computer hardware, computer network equipment, core networking as well as wired and wireless network systems.
The sales would be as a turnkey product including consulting, project planning, system design, operation, installation, training, and maintenance.

Managed Service and Maintenance Services
To provide the managed service and maintenance services for various IT systems in which IT systems of customers will be responsible by the Company’s specialists to ensure that the systems are properly maintained.

Our services

Routing & Switching

A network system of each organization is important so that it must support services steadily, effectively and highly secured. Therefore, TKC is able to advise, explore, design, install, plan, and develop the network’s efficiency as well as monitor and maintain the entire network equipment by using products with the latest technology and expert engineers.

Wired & Wireless Network

To provide modern comprehensive solutions for the basic network communication, both wired and high-speed wireless networks, to cover a full range of core network and access network as well as equipment and communication devices.

IT Security

Due to the frightening rate of increase in cybercrime in recent times, it cannot be denied that the technological security is important for every organization. Hence, the Company can provide the network security protection system with Firewall, Anti-Virus, and History Log which are the latest technologies. The work will be together provided by engineers specialized in system designs and installations to help manage and check for network irregularities in order to efficiently control and protect the network from both internal and external threats.

Data Center , Cloud computing

To be ready to give advice, designs, and installations for organizations engaging in Data Center and Cloud Computing by using modern servers and management systems with full facilities, server maintenance, and computer equipment by taking into account the following factors: stability, readiness, maintenance, investment suitability, safety, and future expansion supports.

IoT , Smart city

To provide services for exploration, designs, and installations of IoT (Internet of Things) technology system through the use of NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) network which is LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network). It is suitable for applications that do not require high data transmission speed such as Smart Parking or Smart Metering as well as LTE-M network (CAT-M1) which is similar to NB-IoT, but it is developed to help transfer data at the higher speed. It is also suitable for device tracking applications such as Smart Transportation and Asset Tracking in order to be ready to truly step into Smart City.

Company’s Performance

To meet the various needs with superior services.

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